Start by defining your needs…

Once you have an accurate picture of your financial capacity and have established your budget, the next step is to define your needs. This exercise will allow you to reflect on your priorities, which will help you in your search and will guide your real estate brokerage representative. There are some key elements to consider when defining your expectations:

  • Type of property;
  • Neighbourhood;
  • Proximity of services, schools, hospitals etc.;
  • Indoor considerations, space, heating, storage etc;
  • Outdoor considerations, parking, gardening, pool, exposure etc.;
  • Renovations and the cost of repairs.

Be sure to ask for a facts sheet to help you to be certain that you have met all of your needs.

Talk to your Real Estate Representative and have them help you make a list of houses that meets your expectations. They have access to detailed information on the properties being offered for sale in the areas that are attractive to you and can save you valuable time.

When you have chosen the home you are looking for, make sure you see it at least twice, once during the day and once at night both during the week and on the weekend. This way you can see for yourself the activity level in the neighbourhood at those hours when you will likely be at home. It will allow you to see traffic, street lighting and hear ambient noise. Check everything: carpets, drapes, light fixtures, appliances etc. Be sure to ask for a Current Market Evaluation to give you and idea of its actual value on the market.

Once you are sure that this is the home you want we will discuss the offer; price, deposit, closing date and additional considerations such as, the clauses around financing, insurance and a home inspection by a qualified home inspector as well as well and sceptic inspections if necessary.
There are many people who will be involved to help you reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises in your purchase along with your Real Estate Professional; Home Inspector, Mortgage Broker, Insurance Broker and your Lawyer.

Together we will work towards reducing the stress of your family’s move!

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